Unit: 1x20Ltr


Description: A machine dishwashing liquid that effectively removes stains from ceramics, porcelain, china and crockery.


Application: Dosage dependant on machine capacity. Please refer to product container labelling. Use in conjunction with machine instructions.


Product uses: Recommended for use in soft water. Not suitable for hard water unless a water softener is installed.


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Certification: ISO 9001.


Ingredients State: SODIUM HYDROXIDE 10-30% CAS number: 1310-73-2 EC number: 215-185-5 REACH registration number: 01- 2119457892-27-XXXX Classification Skin Corr. 1A - H314 Eye Dam. 1 - H318 Classification (67/548/EEC or 1999/45/EC) C;R35. Appearance Liquid. Colour Colourless. Odour No characteristic odour. pH 12-14 Initial boiling point and range 100°C @ 760 mm Hg Relative density 1.195 @ 20°C.


May be harmful if inhaled. Ingestion May be harmful if swallowed. Skin contact May cause serious chemical burns to the skin. Eye contact May cause serious eye damage.


Washaid Green Label

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