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Unit: 1x500


The benefits of the Colad Turbomix Paintsaver? Paint Stirrer. Perfect consistency and pigment blend; Save up to 40% mixing time with metallic paints


Mixing paint with the Turbomix Paintsaver? paint stirrer speeds up the process, reduces paint wastage and ensures a perfect result! Colad Turbomix Paintsaver? Paint Stirrer Thanks to the innovative and patented z-shaped design with uniquely shaped holes, the Turbomix Paintsaver? is now capable of 30% faster stirring, which increases to almost 40% with metallic paints.


This product can be picked up from the warehouse, delivered free of charge if you are within our free delivery zone (please check post code), or can be delivered nationwide through one of our logistics partners (shipping fee applies).


Certification: ISO 9001.

Colad Turbomix Professional Paint Stirrer

SKU: 9500
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