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Unit: 6 x 750ml                         Approx weight 6kg


This product can be picked up from the warehouse, delivered free of charge if you are within our free delivery zone (please check post code), or can be delivered nationwide through one of our logistics partners that specialise in the transportation of hazardous items, such as chemicals (shipping fee applies).


Description: New solvent blend which safely and effectively removes graffiti from plastic and polycarbonate surfaces without damage ? will not cause blooming or the surface to turn opaque. Surfactant system allows a unique ?wash off? rinse away property so preventing residue waste on the surface. Low viscosity ensures quicker and more effective surface penetration than traditional gels.


Application: Spray onto graffiti. Allow sufficient time to penetrate. Wash off with plenty of clean water. Do not allow neat product to dry on surface.


Product uses: Advanced graffiti remover suitable for use against aerosol paint yet will not damage polycarbonate and plastics.


Please click here to view:     FULL SAFETY DATA SHEET


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(ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 & IPPC Certified)


Ingredients State: A blend of water dispersible solvents and surfactant Appearance Clear thin liquid Colour Pale Amber Density 0.990 pH 9.0 - 10.0 Fragrance Solvent Stability 2 years in a unopened container. 3-butoxypropan-2-ol; propylene glycol monobutyl ether (CAS-No.) 5131-66-8 (EC-No.) 225-878-4 (EC Index-No.) 603-052-00-8 15 - 30 Xi; R36/38 Eye Irrit. 2, H319 Skin Irrit. 2, H315 2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethanol; diethylene glycol monobutyl ether (CAS-No.) 112-34-5 (EC-No.) 203-961-6 (EC Index-No.) 603-096-00-8 10 - 15 Xi; R36 Eye Irrit. 2, H319 Hexyl glucoside (CAS-No.) 54549-24-5 (EC-No.) 259-217-6 (REACH-no) 01-2119492545- 29 5 - 10 Xi; R41 Eye Dam. 1, H318 Alcohol Alkoxylate (CAS-No.) 166736-08-9 1 - 5 Xn; R22 Xi; R41 Acute Tox. 4 (Oral), H302 Eye Dam. 1, H318.


May cause respiratory irritation. Symptoms/effects after skin contact : Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking. Symptoms/effects after eye contact : Causes eye irritation. Symptoms/effects after ingestion : May cause a light irritation of the linings of the mouth, throat, and gastrointestinal tract.


Accreditation: All surfactants contained in Selden Products meet the requirements of the EU Detergent Directive 2005 ? 2004/648/EC. This requires all surfactants to break down both quickly and completely into harmless material such as CO2 and water.

Graffiti Remover For Plastics & Polycarbonates 750ml

SKU: T18
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