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UNIT: 20 X 200


  •  High quality Interleaved (Zig Zag, V-Fold) hand towels
  •  2-Ply, white
  •  Self presenting towels, one sheet at a time which is hygienic and helps to reduce consumption
  •  Suitable for low to medium traffic areas
  •  Handy Pack - Smart packaging with ergonomic grip makes it easy to carry thousands of hand towels in one hand
  •  Approved for short-term contact with food
  •  Certified under the Nordic Swan Eco Label
  •  Certified under the EU Flower Eco Label




This product can be picked up from the warehouse, delivered free of charge if you are within our free delivery zone (please check post code), or can be delivered nationwide through one of our logistics partners (shipping fee applies).


Certification: ISO 9001.

Katrin Plus V-fold Paper Towels Zig Zag 200 Sheets 2-Ply, Handy Pack

SKU: MS35311
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