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Unit: 1 x 270ml can - Various fragrances            Approx weight 350g


This product can be picked up from the warehouse, delivered free of charge if you are within our free delivery zone (please check post code), or can be delivered nationwide through one of our logistics partners that specialise in the transportation of hazardous items, such as chemicals (shipping fee applies).


Description: Automatic air freshener dispenser (can).


Application: Set can for automatic dispensing of air freshener fragrance.


Product use: Odour masking/air freshening.


Please click here to view:      FULL DATA SAFETY SHEET


Certification: ISO 9001.


Ingredients State: Component CAS# OSHA PEL ACGIH TLV Other Limits % by wt. Acetone 67-64-1 1000 ppm 750 ppm 35-45 1000 ppm ACGIH STEL C8-C9 Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbons 400ppm (Exxon) 64742-48-9 N.E. N.E. <5 Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether N.E. 111-90-0 N.E. N.E. 25-35 Perfume Oils-Supplier Trade Secret N.E. N/A N.E. N.E. 5-15 Propane 74-98-6 1000 ppm N.E. 25-35 1000 ppm T.


Acetone may increase the toxicity to the liver and kidney of chemicals such as ethanol, 1,2-dichloroethane, and chloroform. Humans with liver or kidney disease may be at increased risks due to this potential effect.


Accreditation: Toxic chemical components subject to the reporting requirements of EPCRA and 40CFR372. SARA Title III Section 312

Timemist Automated Air Fragrances 270ml various

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